Bryanwood Therapy and Assessment Centre is a private practice that has been helping individuals, couples and families in dealing with a variety of issues since 1996. The Centre is made up of highly qualified and experienced therapists and psychologists in a number of fields. The Centre has psychologists who are trained and highly qualified in understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress. We provide a problem-targeted solution and Individual psychotherapy / psychology to all our clients.
Being able to learn is essential for developing fundamental cognitive skills especially in younger children and adolescents. Through an educational assessment our psychologists in Sandton will be able to identify where your child’s problem with learning lies and develop a suitable solution.
Psychological intervention includes: individual psychology, family therapy, couples therapy. Our psychologists will assess your strengths and weaknesses, communication skills, educational and career development, needs, personality types and more.
Our psychologists in Sandton are trained in a wide variety of treatment modalities, and provide psychotherapeutic and diagnostic services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.
Bryanwood’s psychologists offer their expertise in different areas, allowing us to accommodate each person or family with their specific and unique requirements. We also have psychologists who conduct assessments in all South African languages.
Our team of psychologists at Bryanwood pledge to:
 –  Work with all walks of life with trust, dignity and respect
 –  Offer support, empathy and strength throughout the therapy journey
 –  Continually update psychological, scientific and spiritual knowledge
 –  Inform and empower the community in a psychologically sound matter


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