Entering new experiences

I have been given the task of writing a piece for the office blog space. This is an online space where our visitors to the site get to read about the therapist’s experiences.

So for starters, I acknowledge that I am feeling nervous and anxious about this space…Admittedly, I have done some writing as part of my training and then back in my school days with essays for English and Afrikaans literature…So, deep breath and write the next word…and I think…I decide…I take action…I change my mind…I have never been in this situation before…Questions around many “What if’s” circulate in my mind…and this cycle continues…


Finally at some point the decision is made to enter therapy…Phew!!!


Some sense of relief and lessening of the burden is noted…


For many, even making the decision to go for a session is as fraught as writing this piece for an unknown public was for me. It’s even more so when it involves a couple, as now two individuals have to overcome their individual and shared uncertainties. I look forward to sharing more with you over time of what this journey entails for me, as a therapist, and for the people brave enough to enter therapy, both individual and as a couple.


Ashnee Kasseepursad



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