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Are you making your child anxious?

With anxiety becoming the norm these days, children are picking up on parental emotions and are taking huge strain too. Two of the biggest global issues that are accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic are heightened levels of anxiety and trauma, says educational psychologist Megan Clerk. “Anxiety is a normal emotion that can be characterised by intense […]

Hilda Croxford

On the 18th February 2018, Hilda Croxford, our much-loved mentor, colleague and friend died suddenly following a cardiac incident. Hilda worked at Bryanwood Therapy Centre for 11 years and will be sorely missed by all of us. She leaves a legacy of a consistent and hardworking therapist loved by all her colleagues and patients for […]

Dorah Tsotetsi

Dorah has retired now at the end of February, after working at Bryanwood for 10 years this January. We all wish Dorah the very best for a well-deserved break after so many years of loyal and dedicated service.