• Eva Bruce December 4, 2021

    Good day, I would please like to book an appointment with you. Kindly advise costs and availability. Thank you, Eva


  • Megan February 24, 2022

    Hi Joanne I have just started practicing as an Ed Psych, and my previous therapist has gone on maternity leave (I also think it’s a good time to make a change after many years with her), so am looking to start attending therapy again. I am looking to work through some of the anxiety and things that are coming up now that I’ve started practicing independently and also have some challenges that I want to work through around romantic relationships based on past hurt/betrayal. Do you have any sessions available on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning and because I am starting out in private practice and financially things are tight would you be willing to look at a reduced rate at all, or a session every two weeks? I am on a hospital plan at the moment, so no medical aid. Thanks Megan


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