Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation assists adults in planning for the future. Divorce can be incredibly disruptive and painful for a family and the manner in which the divorce is managed can have significant long-term impacts.

When going through a divorce, parents have to understand their responsibilities in terms of child custody, alimony, schooling, and how their new lives will work.

When case management is needed, a social worker will concentrate on divorce cases where children are involved. During this process, the parents have the opportunity to meet with the social worker on a weekly, monthly or ‘needs related’ basis and have the choice of visiting the children alone or together as a ‘couple’.

The couple involved needs to agree to work towards a quick and pleasant negotiated settlement. Each person will then take the negotiated settlement to their respective legal representatives for approval post mediation.

Throughout the divorce mediation process, the divorce mediator will not make decisions on behalf of the couple or their family. Instead, they will facilitate the mediation process and steer discussions towards a solution that best works for the children, the couple and the family as a whole.