Teen Therapy

The teen years are an incredibly difficult time in a young person’s life. We undergo a multitude of both internal and external changes. These changes occur on both a physical and mental level and can be extremely challenging to cope with.

Teenagers are faced with many challenges and pressures and don’t always know who they can trust or lean on for support.

It can be overwhelming, trying to make sense of situations that are often out of their control. These can include: divorce, peer-pressure, bullying, sexual abuse, death, and other family issues.

Teenagers often don’t have the tools to deal with all these stressors and can turn to very destructive methods of coping.

These may include: eating disorders, self-mutilation, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and social isolation. It is also very common for teenagers to suffer from anxiety and depression. Common thoughts include feelings of worthlessness, sadness, guilt, a loss of motivation, weight gain or weight loss, struggles with concentration and attention, suicidal thoughts.

Bryanwood offers a safe-space in which these experiences can be thought about in a non-judgemental manner.